Are you an LSA member that offers white-labeled services or have capacities that could benefit other LSA members? Would you be willing to extend discounts or special offers to these members? If so you can communicate these promotions via the LSA Partner Perks initiative.

Many of our members offer unique services – mobile apps, marketing analytics, white-labeled services, video services, etc. – that can help other members be more efficient, effective and successful. In an effort to facilitate strategic partnerships and business discussions among members, the LSA Partner Perks program compiles a list of discounts and special offers available to members from around the industry.

To get started, we just need the following pieces of information:

  • Company logo
  • Name of promotion/offer
  • Description of the product and discount being offered (2-3 sentences)
  • Contact information

Once we have enough promotions/offers, we will publish them on this webpage. In addition, we will periodically highlight a collection of these promos in a dedicated email blast. We already have a number of members very interested in this and we are extending the offer to all LSA members.


If you have any questions about the LSA Partner Perks program, email us. Otherwise submit your promotion below: